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Epoch Internship
a social justice experience in your own community
We are currently looking for outstanding high school seniors and college students who are interested in joining our team as an intern. If you are passionate about social justice, want to see change within your community, impact those in poverty, or want to influence children's lives for the better, please submit an application!

Hands On Experience

Gain hands-on experience that will involve working one-on-one with both Epoch staff and students. Epoch interns are typically in the classroom assisting teachers and students with daily tasks and routines, including academic assistance, reading interventions, team building and character lessons, high energy gym activities, dinner, and chores!

Student Leadership

Develop a greater understanding of the qualities of an effective leader and your own personal strengths, as well as expand your knowledge of the realities of poverty. This knowledge will allow you to impact your community and help shape your future career. 

Relational Development

Learn how to foster meaningful relationships with students, parents, co-workers, and community members, in order to work toward one cause. We believe that relationships are the foundation for social justice and cultural change.

Epoch internships are flexible; your internship can consist of just one semester, a full-year, or summer session! We are also able to work with you to make sure you complete required hours or specific projects necessary for course completion. 

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