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individual sponsorship

By supporting our program monthly, you are helping us provide critical daily programming to our students. Our programming includes tutoring, homework assistance, physical and extracurricular activities, home-cooked meals served family-style by our caring volunteers, and much more! Our dedicated staff functions as a family support system, providing academic and emotional support, character development, conflict resolution, and mentorship to each child.
Please consider supporting today!


Individual Sponsorships

Seed Sponsorship

 You are helping us sow seeds into the lives of our young people by helping us cover the expenses associated with coordinating one-on-one mentors for our participants.

Feed Sponsorship

 You are helping cover the cost of providing an after-school snack and a family style dinner to our participants every day. Research shows that serving meals family style reduces a young persons' risk of obesity, substance abuse, emotional instability, and increases the probability of academic success.

Lead Sponsorship

 You are helping cover the cost of providing intensive academic support, tutoring, homework assistance, and character development for each participant. Supporting our staff is one of the greatest ways that you can help Epoch continue to provide exceptional educational and emotional support and leadership to our young people.

Succeed Sponsorship

 Your support at the highest level helps cover the costs associated with mentorship, snacks and meals, tutoring and academic support, in addition to our overtime and physical activity offerings.

Business Sponsorship
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